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Ex-Royal Marine vanishes from same town as missing airman Corrie McKeague

A former Royal Marine mysteriously vanished two weeks ago from the same town as missing airman Corrie McKeague. John Dick served in the Royal Marines for 13 years, and was

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Alexander Mattison returns to practice

Vikings running back Alexander Mattison returned to practice on Thursday for the first time since his appendectomy. Mattison was a limited participant in the day’s session. He’s been sidelined since

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Cancer: Tumor driver promoting EMT, metastasis and resistance to therapy

Cancer metastasis, which is the dissemination of tumor cells into distant organs, is the leading cause of mortality in cancer patients. To undergo metastasis, cells must leave the primary tumor,

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New York City business owners haunted by Amazon loss amid pandemic

The area in Long Island City where Amazon would’ve built the new headquarters. In Long Island City, it’s the scar that won’t heal. Two years after Amazon pulled out from

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Google Meet adds live captions on the web for French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Google Meet is adding live captions on the web in four languages to make meetings more inclusive, the company announced today. Live captions in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese will

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Disgusting photo shows rat licking window of takeaway restaurant from the inside

A rat was seen licking the windows of a former takeaway restaurant. A passerby was shocked to see the large rodent at Bay Spice Indian and Bangladesh takeaway in Briton

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