Broken Hearted

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A 14-year-old saved a family’s Christmas by reuniting them with a lost wallet that contained £700 for all their festive shopping.

Rhiannon Parkinson spotted the wallet on the floor outside Sainsbury’s while on her way to school with pals.

After discovering it was stuffed full of bank notes, she defied other pupils’ suggestion she keep it, and handed it in to shop staff.

Later that day the wallet was reunited with a couple – named only as Marie and Jonathan – who said it was all the money they’d saved up for their kids’ Christmas.

Teen Rhiannon, who has autism, was presented with thank you cards and gifts from the pair – who called her a “hero” – as well as from staff at Sainsbury’s.

In their card, Marie and Jonathan wrote: “It’s lovely to know there are still honest people about.”

Her mum, Sarah Litherland, 44, from Bootle, Merseyside, said: “I’m so proud of Rhiannon for doing the right thing.

“She’s had a really tough year, but this has given her her spirit back.

“She carries the thank-you cards she received around with her wherever she goes.

“It’s made her so happy to know she’s helped somebody else, and saved their Christmas from being ruined.

“Rhiannon has been so proud of herself to have made someone else so happy.

“She’s quietly proud of herself – and I’m so proud of her.”

She found the wallet on December 9 and her mum said her autism means she can be “easily led” by others – but she resisted calls to keep the wallet.

The grateful couple gave Rhiannon some of the cash as a gift – which she spent getting her hair dyed.

Sainsbury’s store manager Mike Coulson, said: “During these challenging times, it’s lovely to see