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Does Jon Gruden get judged by a different standard?

While previewing Thursday night’s game between the Chargers and Raiders on PFT Live, Simms and I (OK, it was mainly me) stumbled onto an interesting question: Does Raiders coach Jon

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Blocking DNA repair enzyme could help treat certain cancers

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute have found a new way to prevent some tumors from repairing their own DNA, a function that is essential for cancer cell survival. This

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What if we looked at this year as an opportunity to reset how we do things at Christmas?

We need some extra Christmas cheer this year. 2020 took all of us on a chaotic roller-coaster ride, and many people in our communities are scared, broken, hurting, and hungry.

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Nomad’s new leather MacBook Pro sleeves are luxurious but pricey

Accessory company Nomad is expanding its case lineup once again with its first MacBook Pro sleeves, available today. The cases might be the nicest that Nomad has made so far,

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Ex-Royal Marine vanishes from same town as missing airman Corrie McKeague

A former Royal Marine mysteriously vanished two weeks ago from the same town as missing airman Corrie McKeague. John Dick served in the Royal Marines for 13 years, and was

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